Story Submitted by Co-Pilots son, Craig Jones

Pilot 2nd Lt John Zimmer and Co-Pilot Que Jones were part of a crew flying with the 758th BS. On April 28th, 1944 the 758th BS was on a bombing mission (#29) to the Porto San Stefano Docks in Italy. Flak was heavier then expected and Zimmer was killed by flak. The plane radioed that it had really been nailed. The plane was on fire and they were trying to make it back to the base on just two engines.

The crew was told to land at a fighter field that was closer than the Giulia bomber field, but on approach they were waved off by the tower as a plane was on fire on the runway. In trying to gain altitude the third engine went out and the plane either exploded gaining altitude or when it went down killing all on board.

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