GI Talk

Terms and descriptions of the GI language.

5 by 5 - I read you 5 by 5, means you have good radio reception.
AAA - Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AAC - Army Air Corps
AAF - Army Air Forces
ACE - Also Fighter Ace, credited with 5 or more kills (downed enemy aircraft).
Ack-Ack - AAA Fire or Flak
ADG - Air Depot Group
AF - Air Force
APO - Army Post Office
BC - Bomber Command
BG - Bombardment Group
BG (D) - Bombardment Group - Dive
BG (H) - Bombardment Group (Heavy)
BG (L) - Bombardment Group (Light)
BG (M) - Bombardment Group (Medium)
BG (P) - Bombardment Group (Pathfinder)
BG (VH) - Bombardment Group (Very Heavy)
BOQ - Bachelors Officer Quarters
CAP - Civil Air Patrol
CBI - China-Burma-India
CinCPac - Commander In Chief Pacific
Coffee Tower - 459th BG, Control Tower in Italy
DFC - Distinquished Flying Cross
DSC - Distinguished Service Cross
DSM - Distinguished Service Medal
DUC - Distinguished Unit Citation
EAME - European, Africa & Middle East Medal.
EM - Enlisted Man
ETO - European Theater of Operations
FG - Fighter Group
FIGMO - Forget it, I got my orders.
Flak - German Anti-Aircraft Gunfire.
FORAGER - Operation in Saipan, Guam, Tinian: Summer 1944
FS - Fighter Squadron
FUBAR - Fouled up beyond all recognition.
FW - Fighter Wing
GP - Group or General Purpose
Hangar Queen - An airplane that spends more time in maintenance than in the air. Not the plane you want to draw as an assignment.
HE - Heavy Explosive
HP - Hot Pilot. WASP were sometimes called "Women HPs."
HQ - Headquarters
IFF - Identification, Friend or Foe. Radar transponder.
IP - Initial Point
KIA - Killed in Action
Kilroy - Who?
MAAF - Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MACR - Missing Air Crew Report
Mae West - Inflatable life-preserver jacket worn by Air Crew.
MIA - Missing In Action
MOS - Military Occupation Specialty
MTO - Mediterranean Theater of Operations.
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer.
OCS - Officer Candidate School
OD - Olive Drab. Army green. Uniform, camoflage.
OLC - Oak Leaf Cluster. Multiple or repeat awards. Bronze(1), Silver(5).
POW - Prisoner of War
PTO - Pacific Theater of Operations
PUC - Presidential Unit Citation
QM - Quartermaster
RADAR - Radio Detecting and Ranging
Repple Depple - Replacement Depot
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All fouled up.
SOS - Morse Code, Distress Signal.
Sweating It Out - Worry about it, holding out hope, waiting
TARFU - Things are really fouled up.
VE Day - Victory in Europe Day.
VJ Day - Victory Over Japan Day.

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